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Welcome, and thank you for visiting the Helpful Villagers. As parents and teachers, living and working in a country where English is not widely spoken, the materials we create really help our own children in a fun way. We focus on stories, storytelling and helping students with phonics and reading.

We write books, make games and give you activities and materials you can use right away for homeschooling or tutoring or within your classroom. With the help and talent of artist Joe Sumay Thee, all images and illustrations are delightful original work. Come and see what we have!

Helpful Feature

Our feature is no other than Joe Sumay Thee, the artist that has helped launch the Helpful Villager project!

We adore his illustrations and he has made our stories come alive! The best thing about Joe is that when we give him text, we never have to discuss details and visions. We trust his ideas and talent and when he gives us his drawings, they are perfect! We only really ever have to edit my text! haha

Find out a little about Joe in our Feature Section! Thank you Joe for a great conversation. Hope to talk with you again soon!

Helpful Storytime

Our wonderful volunteers have chosen our stories and some of their own favorites to read to you. Stay tuned for all of the Storytime Read-A-Louds coming soon!

Helpful Bookstore

We have completed many books in our ABC Phonics series. We are also working on a series that include the people in our lives, a series about the natural world and a cultural collection. Please check our Bookstore for our complete line of available stories!

Helpful Workshop (FREE Materials)

These are some materials that can help reinforce some of the letter sounds featured in the books as well as other games and items to help with vocabulary and English in general. See our Workshop for all available activities and visit often as we are always sharing more FREE content.